Tallahassee Action Grants, Inc.

We accept donations during regular market hours or for large items call for a pick up (850) 273 0279

We accept ALL donations.  Things we cannot sell are re-gifted to other charities that can use them and are happy to receive them.

 Only the best of the best stays in our shop.  We like new or gently used items.

Thank you!

Here's a list of things we would like to have:

Home Decor

Wall Hangings and art

Vases and containers

Seasonal Decor - Fall and Halloween currently

Decorative storage

Figurines - sit arounds, dust collectors, what-nots

Tablecloths and runners

Lamps, shades and candlesticks

Throw pillows and throws


Small appliances - blenders, mixers, microwaves, etc.


Bowls and platters

Sets of Dishes and Serving pieces

Kitchen linens and tablecloths

Baking stuff and pans

Pots and pans

Cookbooks and recipe boxes

Barware, Decanters and wine accessories

Canister Sets

Food storage containers


Chest of Drawers

Buffets or hutches

End Tables and Coffee Tables

Beds and/or headboards

, Bedside tables

Living room chairs and small couches

Dining room tables with or w/o chairs

Floor lamps

Tools - Battery, Electric or Not

Hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches

Saws, axes, etc.

Tool boxes

Wrench sets and ratchets

Paint supplies

Car gadgets

Computer parts - keyboards, mouse, routers

Small appliances - clocks, radios, etc.

Flat screen televisions


Necklaces - wood beads, long strand, multi-strand, vintage, glass beads

Bracelets - bangles, beaded, clasped

Earrings - dangle, glass and wood beaded


Hair Jewelry


Tops - blouses, sweaters, button ups

Dresses - long and short

Skirts - long and short

Formal Dresses

Shoes and Sandals of all kinds

Men's dress shirts and ties


Men's shoes

Office Supplies

Computer components

Misc. Cords

 Kindles, iPads, Nook, etc.

Desktop sorters

New boxes and pencils


Radios/Cassette player

Community Thrift Market‚Äč